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PoE 3.6 Builds for Chieftain, Elementalist, Necromancer, Ascendant, Trickster

The completely new challenge leagues involve a set of forty new concerns. Any time you full twelve worries, you could possibly get the Synthesis Crown and Synthesis Crown Attachment. Following you get to 24 troubles, you could acquire the Synthesis Pet. At 36 obstacle completed you could obtain the Synthesis Wings. These microtransactions are only offered on this league. Some payers build new Poe Builds for Poe 3.6 in this write-up we’ll share it to fit your desires.

[Chieftain] Holy flame totem Chieftain – 850K DPS, Spending budget Pleasant

Brilliant build, I myself am contemplating of going until 41 with one Totem and Firestorm after which choosing up a Nycta’s Lantern(unless it truly is super expensive also leaves entire body armor open for soul mantle early on) and Ancestral Bond and also have that carry me to Yellow/red maps to farm chaos orbs. Cast When Harm Taken can only assistance spell gems that have the identical required degree or reduce. At level 1 the needed amount of Cast When Harm Taken is 38, the exact same as Immortal Phone at degree 3 and Arcane Surge needs mana spent to get triggered, level ten is great for good mana invested, this Curse Combo Provides you with added Spell Harm / Cast Speed.
If you have Poe Currency:
2x Lifesprig – Wand
Axiom Perpetuum – Sceptre ( Optional two)
Tabula Rasa – Entire body Armour
Wanderlust boots – Boots
Stone of Lazhwar – Amulet (Gives you with additional damage and mana)
Karui Ward – Amulet (optional 2) (Delivers you with projectile dmg/speed – Motion pace)
Locational Caress – Gloves (Presents you with some more injury)
Asenath’s Mark – Helmet (Gives you with some further harm and Mana regen)
Goldrim – Helmet (Optional 2 for more defense) (Supplies you with loads of resistance)

PoB Website link: https://pastebin.com/aTGhJ3sL
Skrill Tree: http://www.poeurl.com/cjii
Read through Extra: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2452164
[Elementalist/Occultist] Elemental reflect immune Hand Casting Storm Get in touch with

This build is built to get a harmless and strong league to commence though remaining in a position to scale extremely properly late game with the possibility to change into several different variations on the same build. You can find two general kinds to this build: Lifestyle Eldritch Battery & CI Occultist – I will be starting as the LIFE/EB version then converting to the CI Occultist as I gather far more gear and more Path of Exile Currency. We are utilizing the fact that GGG buffed hand casting and storm phone is one hell of a hand casted ability. The buffs it gained along with new skill tree passives and support gems make this skill really enticing and powerful. Intensify is mega fun actually! the dps increase is really very good too. I wanted to try it out and see what it would actually do and it was very very great. the inc aoe naturally is really nice and the dps boost is powerful enough to where it’s noticeable for single target.

+ Elemental reflect immune
+ Elementalist Ascendancy gives us massive defensive/offensive boosts
+ Clears effectively and looks cool as HECK
+ Can do all content!

- Little to none

PoB Link:
Elementalist/Eldritch Battery – https://pastebin.com/q79KCnjx
Occultist/CI – https://pastebin.com/1FJNXuUm
Read through Additional: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2452032/
[Necromancer] Slow Mo Zombies! – Anyone Can Play Perfect for new players

Do you like to laugh at enemies? Do you like to laugh at them because they are going so slow that you’ve got the time to laugh at them? Do you like to make enemies so slow that you are able to run beside them and whisper mean things to them as they run towards your old position at an embarrassing slow speed? THEN THIS IS THE BUILD FOR YOU! If you don’t like to make enemies feel poorly before you kill them then you should try this build so you learn to like to make enemies feel poorly before you kill them. With this build, you’ll substantially slow your enemies around you even though your Zombies (and Skeletons in the event you want) kill everything. :) That’s it! Game passed. Atlas cleared. This guide is written for those new to Path of Exile but played out so the experienced players can skip to the good stuff.

+ As cheap as you want it to get! No specific mods or items expected!
+ Perfect for new players. Easy to level, easy to survive, easy to kill, easy endgame, easy solo self-found.
+ It clears maps quickly.
+ Chills and slows every enemy and boss to their max (unless immune). Great for survivability.
+ Has great DPS:
- 5 website link: Each zombie slam does over 24’000DPS. Each Skeleton does over 48’000dps. With a base of 10 zombies and 11 skeletons that’s 768’000DPS on one target.
- 6 hyperlink: Each zombie slam does over 37’000DPS. Each Skeleton does over 48’000dps. With a base of 10 zombies and 11 skeletons that’s 898’000DPS on one target.
That’s without the 40 skeletons from Vaal Skeleton.
+ Only one 5/6 Link. Easy links to achieve.

- It takes time to get your Zombie fleet back in mid-combat if they all died (will rarely happen). But your Skeletons will do far more than enough harm on their own anyway…so it really is barely a con.

PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/QHWBWhgr
Skrill Tree: http://poeurl.com/cje5
Go through Much more: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2451975
[Ascendant] Starter Trapper Budget & Efficient as Hell by AnubiSquall UberElder Viable

Complete equip real DPS before mods reductions:
Lightning Spire + Flamethrower traps: I guess that is: 1sec/0.35hitsXsec*averagehit*NumberOfTrapsThrowed/4secDuration

Total Buffed ten Million DPS
Mapping: 1M DPS
Sustained: 800k DPS

PoB Website link: https://pastebin.com/j686C5qY
Read through Additional: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2451783
[Trickster] Very good EHP Divine Ire Trickster CRIT MOM/EB laser cannon

PoB seems fine for Ire. There are a couple of various combinations you are able to do depending on what you like. A lot of really nice support gems for the skill now. Personally, I really like crit strikes even though it’s not a huge dps increase in PoB. It gives you a really stable crit chance which feels nice when mapping. Superior thing about EB is that we can reserve all our mana and still be able to cast using ES which you can’t really do with CI. I don’t think you’d gain much by going CI against bosses compared to this, LL, however, would give you a lot much more dmg but again it’s going to become costly as very well.

- Fantastic EHP
- Immune to stun when you have shrouds.
- A lot of attacks and cast pace for smooth clearing.
- EB lets us reserve all our mana
- Big hits that will end up shocking big bosses
- Aesthetics of a new skill. :)

- Can’t do ele reflect
- Channeling forces you to stand still and be a punching bag sometimes

PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/bRcTqYyj
Go through Additional: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2451775

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POE 3.3 Builds For PWAR’s Vaal Double Reave Slayer 

This build experienced a couple of buffs in 3.3:

1. The Ground Slam buff is making Ground Slam a viable choice now.
2. Being able to generate Vaal Souls during boss fights makes Vaal Haste more consistent. Although GGG nerfed it a bit, it’s still a good gem.
3. Endurance Charge on Melee Stun Support now gives 4% more damage per charge instead of 3%. This is a minor buff to this build.
4. The “always attack without moving” toggle button is a significant quality of life buff. Now Empire’s Grasp is less important as we can set “always attack without moving” on for every skill except Heavy Strike.



1.Pros and Cons

2.Vaal Double Strike

3.Slayer VS Champ

4.Double Strike vs Reave




8.Minor Gem explanations


10.Pob Link and Skill Tree


Pros and Cons:
+Amazing Clear Speed
+Stupid Boss Killer
+Fast movement speed due to fast leap slam=faster mapping=more exp/items
+GREAT League Starter
+Budget friendly to be effective
+Decently high/fast Leech (Vaal Pact)
+Near or over 10 sec Vaal Skills duration
+Works from the get-go (lv 1)
+Phys reflect immunity


-Average life/defenses
-Uses basically all of your skill bars, need above 40 IQ to manage buttons
-Can’t do ELE reflect with shaper stat stick


Vaal Double Strike:
The build incorporates the newly buffed Vaal Double Strike, which is basically now going to be auto-include in practically every melee build that can bleed. The damage of 4 dudes shreds practically everything in under 5 seconds (even without you attacking, for standard bosses) with flask up. Because of this, this build focuses on Skill Duration to extend the duration our gang is out for prolonged gangbang sessions. Most things die long before that, but for tougher bosses with phases it does help out not being left with just Reave/Double strike to tickle the boss down, as well as generally making clearing even faster.


With a modest sacrifice of 3 pts and 2 jewel sockets, you practically double Vaal double strike’s dmg since they stay out for near twice as long (11.1 sec), which is helpful in some (important) situations as mentioned. Haste also last near 10 sec which is nice. With the prolonged skill duration you can (almost) go back to back Vaal uses if you kill fast enough, as the skill duration extends past the actual soul gain prevention window.


Slayer VS Champ:

Both are good classes. Champ provides better upfront defense and single target damage, especially with adrenaline. Slayer provides better Aoe and the leech sorta really helps out and enables you to be able to run damage on full life gem comfortably unlike champ. Can’t go wrong with either, it’s just one provides better Clear, one is a better boss killer if you work in adrenaline.


Double Strike vs Reave:

The double strike also got a similar buff (added Phys against bleeding enemies) and is fairly crazy too. And Vaal double and normal double being on the same gem now helps a ton with gem management. However, clear wise, it still felt a bit lagging behind even with slayer and ancestral call, which is why I incorporate Reave into the build as our clear instead, which melts the entire screen with increase area of effect gem. Now you can just run this build as a 6-link Reave + 4-link VDS, or you can do two gem swaps to Vaal double strike for full 6-link VDS deeps against the important bosses like shaper/guardians. And since we’re Slayer, even if you gem for single target only, you still get some splash to handle ads.


Slayer – Impact > Endless Hunger > Brutal Fervour > Headsma


Soul Of Arakaali+Abberath
Gear Enchantments
Helm – Double Strike has a 15% chance to deal double damage
Boots – Corrupt for +1 Frenzy / 12-16% increased Attack and Cast Speed if you’ve Killed Recently
Gloves – Corrupt for +1 frenzy or crit chance / ehh idk, any non-elemental enchantment


For leveling go down left lane in Tree to get Razor’s Edge and Blade master as soon as possible, the bleed chance will help. the proceed to the right of the tree to get vaal pact and crit nodes. Again for the tree use the PoB Link right under the cover image of this post.


Minor Gem explanations:
CWDT – Summon Ice Golem in tomb fist. cwdt removes the need to constantly summon it. lv16 to both gems.
Leap Slam – Faster Attack – Blood Magic – Fortify = Gain fortify for dmg reduction. Blood magic allows you to spam it since you want to move fast without worrying about running out of mana. You might think BM goes against Damage on Full Life gem, it does, however by the time you leap slam into a pack of mons, you’ll leech back your missing life lost instantly and be at full life in time for your reave/double strike to gain the gems dmg bonus.

Likewise, with Blood Rage, we supposedly lose a life, but if you attack a bunch of mobs, due to the overleech from Slayer’s Brutal Fervour, we go to full life and stay at full life, out leeching the degen of blood rage. I’ve check the tooltip to make sure and I’m basically counted at full life even with leap slam and blood rage active for most of the time. The only time it drops a bit is long stretches of no mobs. Blood rage provides attack speed, frenzy charges, and even 2% life leech, so it’s a perfect fit for the build.

Need to get 3R/1G in starkonjha to use 4-link VDS, annoying to color.
Vulnerability = 30% chance to bleed @ 20/20
Razor’s Edge nodes provide 25% chance
Dragoon = 20% chance
So you’ll have 75% chance to bleed with a dragoon sword, 55 without. Since you’ll mostly be using Reave, you can run bloodlust for VDS in 4-link for more dmg for your clones.


Here’s a Waterways Run with Enfeeble+Double Boss as a Demonstration:


Pob Link:https://pastebin.com/nyNx4CVb
Skill Tree:https://tinyurl.com/yawexue7

Generally, they’re not worth the trouble for reasons that happen to be adequate within the lengthy run. Even though they’re useful for players who might know absolutely nothing regarding the game. For one of the most aspect, they are learning tools for beginners to ease them in to the game. For much more Path of Exile 3.3 Builds, you’ll be able to take a look at U4gm.com. Just a reminder: you can get 5% coupon code for free in the reps if you Buy Poe Currency order from this article.

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