MapleStory Guide: The Bowman Character Class Attributes


MapleStory 2 is the sequel to the highly successful 2D MMORPG MapleStory, although its story takes place many years prior to the events of MapleStory.

As we know, there are many different classes in the game, and each class has specific attributes. The Bowman character class in Maple Story is a very fun class to play with. They can render damage upon their enemies from afar with their bows and crossbows. They are able to knock foes back with each attack while delivering powerful blows on them.

As a Bowman in Maple Story, you will receive powerful multi-fire attacks and you will be able to kill enemies without even being near to them.


The Pros of using a Bowman as your character class in Maple Story are as follows:

A Bowman can render high damage output to the enemies.

They can attack their enemies from a distance without having to go near to them.

A Bowman is a very uncommon class, and their Weapons and Armours are usually cheaper in most cases.

They possess knock back ability.

And the Cons of using your Bowman character in Maple Story are as follows:

A Bowman is guilty of inflicting unstable damages upon the enemies, until his job advancements.

They are unable to melee attack their enemies.

A Bowman takes a long time to level until their second and third class advancement in the game.

They do not have high HP or high MP levels as compared to the other character classes such as Warriors and Magicians in Maple Story.

If you hate fighting up-close with the enemies like what a Warrior character in Maple Story does, it can be quite exciting to be a Bowman, watching and inflicting damages upon your enemies from a distance!

Donald Lim is a Maple Story game enthusiast. Along the process of learning how to play Maple Story better, he chanced upon the web site of a professional Mapler, John. He managed to convince John to write several Maple Story Guides for new and seasoned Maplers, and so was created.

Those are the pros and cons of using a Bowman Character In MapleStory 2. Feel free to play around to find the ones that suit you best. If you want more MapleStory tips, keep eyes on By the way, there is a big promotions during Halloween, the MapleStory 2 Mesos discount even up to 15%! Know more from our site.

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MapleStory: The Version 2 Bring Success In Vietnam


Normally, when an online game for the love of the majority community name, then go with the huge profits it brings, the NSX also more oriented to the development of titles into a cult brand chain. This is quite understandable in the gaming market, but they also have to admit that not all games are launched when “Part 2″ also bring success as expected.

Nevertheless, there are still names Vietnamese gaming community dedicated a lot of love for the product whether it has really impressed or not, simply because they are names that contributed reminiscent memories “ferocious” of a hoe plow absorbed titles have become legendary.

Maple Story 2 is a MMORPG game genre, this is a full 3D version was developed based on 2D graphics game MapleStory had made headlines in Vietnam as well as international markets. MapleStory 2 possesses an enhanced gameplay freedom and comfort for players of all levels, with cute graphics, eye-catching with many wearing costumes excellence, diversity of styles, genres.


The game allows players to get a close-up of the character actions such as climbing, running and jumping to explore the world here in any way you want. This is the common characteristic elements of the series Maple Story and was the perfect successor 3D graphics platform of Maple Story 2.

With the unlimited character IP, version Maple Story 2 launched in China in March last is a great opportunity for the gaming community over Vietnam are continuing “review of old memories “with the adventures of dwarf mushroom day.

Besides, Nexon will probably launch Maplestory 2 for US sometime in 2016 and in the same month of November.

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FIFA 16′s First Team of the Week Revealed for Ultimate Team

FIFA 16 is nearing release and the FUT 16 web app is already working, so its time to look at the quality of the players. With this in mind EA Sports have revealed the first Team of the Week.

Looking at the list, the top player is of course Cristiano Ronaldo who saw success on the pitch with his 8 goals this week. Freddy Guarin has also been included as has Steven Naismith and Dimitri Payet.

FIFA 16's First Team of the Week Revealed for Ultimate Team

While most people will be expecting to wait until the release day to get their hands on FIFA 16, those with EA Early Access will be playing the game on the Xbox One tomorrow. I’m sure EA are hopeful that they will be all buying their coins and looking to build up their perfect FIFA Ultimate Team.

For the rest of us we’ll have to continue to play the demo and wait just a little more time until the game is finally released. Though I’m sure some may also be looking to PES 2016 which is releasing around the world this week. For those football fans who can afford both games, these are a big few weeks.

I’m sure though for some that can’t afford to buy both, they’ll be torn as to whether to take the plunge and get PES 2016 now, and maybe wait a while longer for FIFA 16. Knowing fan allegiances to these games though, I’m sure that many FIFA fans won’t be even giving a second thought in which game they would rather have.

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MapleStory Mesos Low-priced on sale

MapleStory Mesos may be the funds for anniversary individual gamer in the advance of Maplestory. Finding Affordable MapleStory Mesos with-series? Area to acquirement Maplestory Mesos you can purchase? Right actuality could possibly be the advice adviser buy abatement MapleStory Mesos. Read more

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Appealing prices  in Maplestory

A final mistake for pricing is to price items at whole numbers. That entire “99,999 mesos is more than 100,000 mesos due to tax” thing doesn’t really matter, to be honest (and it doesn’t matter at all to buyers, who aren’t the ones losing money due to tax!). However, it’s so ingrained in people’s minds that you’re a lot better trying to sell something at 1,299,999 instead of 1,300,000, even if there is no tax difference. Read more

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Steps to make “MapleStory mesos”


Games such as “MapleStory mesos” accept accomplished boundless success due to their consistently alteration content.Training your “MapleStory” appearance in the adapted area will acquiesce you to akin up faster and accept items that aren’t accessible elsewhere. Since the antecedent absolution of “MapleStory” in 2005, the game’s developer,Some appear updates that cover new agreeable such as the absolute abstemious of Edelstein, area characters of the attrition chic activate training. It is home to abounding types of industrial-based monsters. The arena will amuse players with characters alignment from akin 5 through 65. By auspiciously abyssal through the world, a amateur can ability Edelstein. Accept a question? Get an acknowledgment from online tech abutment now!

Step 1

Look at the position of your appearance on the apple map and chase the aisle that leads against Sleepywoo. For example, if your appearance is currently in Henesys, you will biking on the aisle that leads north.

Step 2

Travel through Sleepywood until you ability the Six Aisle Crossway. Enter and abide walking until you ability a ample rope. Climb up the braiding until you ability Edelstein Station, and again jump assimilate the platform.

Step 3

Approach the carriage and admit a chat with the man on the way to the entrance. You will be asked if you would like to biking to the “Edelstein” continent. Select “Yes.” Your appearance will be transported to Edelstein.



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MapleStory Mesos make guide


This MapleStory Mesos guide aims to provide simple, easy and quick methods to make Mesos in MapleStory. With these tips no item will be out of your reach allowing you to build a stronger character regardless of your class.

Mesos are the main currency of MapleStory and are used for player transactions. If you are a MapleStory fan you’ll understand the importance of Mesos in the MapleStory world.

There are a lot of websites advertising MapleStory Meso hacks but don’t fall for them! There is no way to “hack” Mesos in MapleStory and abusing any temporary bugs or glitches will lead to your account being banned.

However, by using the tricks, tips and strategies on this page you will be able to legitimately earn yourself an unlimited Mesos and buy that godly piece of equipment that you’ve had your eye on.

Hunt Monsters & Bosses

The a lot of simplest and easiest way to acquire Mesos in MapleStory is to artlessly annihilate and coursing monsters, in accurate bosses. You acquire Mesos in added than one way application this adjustment because not alone do monsters anon bead Mesos but they may aswell bead attenuate and big-ticket items for you to advertise in the Chargeless Market. Monsters aswell bead etc. drops which can be awash to NPCs for even added Mesos.

You can even use this address to coursing for your own equipment, extenuative you lots of Mesos. You can use Hidden Street’s Database to acquisition which monsters bead big-ticket items or which monsters bead the accessory you are after.

If you are austere about application this adjustment again I acerb acclaim purchasing a pet (with Meso Magnet & Annual Pouch) with NX Cash to ensure that you don’t absence a alone item. If you don’t accept any NX Cash again you should accede beforehand in some through Mesos or accepting chargeless NX Cash (see added down for added information).

MapleStory Meso Drops


Completing quests are a abundant supplement to hunting monsters to get lots of Mesos for MapleStory. Quests accommodate Mesos in abounding altered means that a lot of humans may not realise.

Firstly, abounding quests accolade the amateur with a baby bulk of Mesos aloft completion. They aswell accolade the amateur with ample numbers of potions which removes the charge for the amateur to acquirement them, extenuative alot of Mesos. There are aswell abounding quests with abundant rewards that can advertise for several millions of Mesos, see the MapleStory Must Do Quest List.

Lastly are the repeatable quests in MapleStory, which can be again an absolute bulk of times. Generally the items that you accept from these quests can back a resonable bulk and they are aswell usually simple to complete. See the abounding account of repeatable MapleStory quests.


Merchanting is absolutely the best way to acquire the a lot of Mesos in MapleStory. However, it can be actual time arresting and is absolutely harder to get started.

To alpha accepting a merchant you crave a few things; basic (a ample bulk of starting Mesos), ability of prices (research), a abundance admittance and the time and charge appropriate to be successful.

So what in fact is merchanting? Merchanting involves affairs items for prices beneath what they advertise for in the Chargeless Market. This occurs in a few ways; affairs from humans who are blind of prices, who accidently misprice something in their abundance or don’t own a abundance admittance and appropriately cannot recieve best bulk for an annual (as they are bound to spamming in the Chargeless Market).

Over time by authoritative baby accumulation on items you will bound body up Mesos which in about-face provides even added basic that you can use to accomplish even added Mesos.

Create An Acreage Character

If your searching for even added means to accomplish Mesos you can accede creating a acreage character. A acreage appearance is a MapleStory appearance that performs actual able-bodied with basal accessory and is able to acquire Mesos actual quickly. These requirements accomplish the Cleric a actual accepted choice, as you are self-healing and absolutely arrogant already you get MP Eater. As you beforehand to a Priest and a Bishop you are aswell awful approved afterwards and are generally even paid for your services.

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Maplestory Mesos Level 100 Making Guide

You don’t allegation to be at a cool top level, you don’t allegation any absolute starting capital, you don’t even absolutely allegation actual abundant time at all and you can calmly arbor up hundreds of millions of mesos VERY quickly!

First off, if you hit akin 100 you accretion admission to the Evo Lab.

In the Evo Lab you will aces up accouter bead orbs from the mobs (or you can buy them from the acerb box npc).

Then you just blaze up Link 3, use an accouter bead orb (lv 120 Necros are the best ones) forth with whatever orbs you like and go to boondocks on those bad boys!

This angel has been resized to fit in the page. Bang to enlarge.

It will not yield actual continued to arbor up a accomplished band of goodies, even after a spider accustomed or acquisitiveness chaplet or whatever abroad you like.

Now you go to Ardentmill in approach 1 and you attending for this amethyst aromatic pot:

The annular one is for equips, the triangular one is for scrolls.

In Windia Kyle’s is the accepted about accessible accouter extractor. And me or anyone abroad generally does the annal extractor (the one in the screenshot is in fact anyone new). Sometimes these don’t absolutely amount annihilation to use, sometimes they allegation a abstinent fee. In accepted you should never pay added than 1,000 mesos to use an accouter extractor and never added than 10k to 100k for a annal extractor. The annal extractors commonly amount added because you allegation 20 above crystals to accomplish one (and they alone endure a day).

Okay, so you bifold bang on the big aromatic pot and you’ll get that chic chat box area you can bandy an accouter into it and afresh let ‘er rip!

Once you’ve rinsed and afresh for your 5 circadian Evo Lab runs you can advertise these suckers! They sell… FAST!

Superior Crystals can be awash appropriate quick at about 600k (in Windia) and the Advanced Crystals can be awash for about 30k (again in Windia). Your breadth may alter depending on your apple so attending about and try and acquisition what the approved prices are. Keep in apperception too that the added humans apprentice about this the added the prices will drop. A ages ago the amount of superiors in Windia was 900k on average.

Crystals are acclimated abundantly for authoritative things and in about-face leveling up jobs so they are in connected and around-the-clock demand. On boilerplate you should be able to arbor up about FIFTY Above Crystals which can afresh be awash for about TWENTY FIVE MILLION MESOS!


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