POE 3.3 Builds For PWAR’s Vaal Double Reave Slayer 

This build experienced a couple of buffs in 3.3:

1. The Ground Slam buff is making Ground Slam a viable choice now.
2. Being able to generate Vaal Souls during boss fights makes Vaal Haste more consistent. Although GGG nerfed it a bit, it’s still a good gem.
3. Endurance Charge on Melee Stun Support now gives 4% more damage per charge instead of 3%. This is a minor buff to this build.
4. The “always attack without moving” toggle button is a significant quality of life buff. Now Empire’s Grasp is less important as we can set “always attack without moving” on for every skill except Heavy Strike.



1.Pros and Cons

2.Vaal Double Strike

3.Slayer VS Champ

4.Double Strike vs Reave




8.Minor Gem explanations


10.Pob Link and Skill Tree


Pros and Cons:
+Amazing Clear Speed
+Stupid Boss Killer
+Fast movement speed due to fast leap slam=faster mapping=more exp/items
+GREAT League Starter
+Budget friendly to be effective
+Decently high/fast Leech (Vaal Pact)
+Near or over 10 sec Vaal Skills duration
+Works from the get-go (lv 1)
+Phys reflect immunity


-Average life/defenses
-Uses basically all of your skill bars, need above 40 IQ to manage buttons
-Can’t do ELE reflect with shaper stat stick


Vaal Double Strike:
The build incorporates the newly buffed Vaal Double Strike, which is basically now going to be auto-include in practically every melee build that can bleed. The damage of 4 dudes shreds practically everything in under 5 seconds (even without you attacking, for standard bosses) with flask up. Because of this, this build focuses on Skill Duration to extend the duration our gang is out for prolonged gangbang sessions. Most things die long before that, but for tougher bosses with phases it does help out not being left with just Reave/Double strike to tickle the boss down, as well as generally making clearing even faster.


With a modest sacrifice of 3 pts and 2 jewel sockets, you practically double Vaal double strike’s dmg since they stay out for near twice as long (11.1 sec), which is helpful in some (important) situations as mentioned. Haste also last near 10 sec which is nice. With the prolonged skill duration you can (almost) go back to back Vaal uses if you kill fast enough, as the skill duration extends past the actual soul gain prevention window.


Slayer VS Champ:

Both are good classes. Champ provides better upfront defense and single target damage, especially with adrenaline. Slayer provides better Aoe and the leech sorta really helps out and enables you to be able to run damage on full life gem comfortably unlike champ. Can’t go wrong with either, it’s just one provides better Clear, one is a better boss killer if you work in adrenaline.


Double Strike vs Reave:

The double strike also got a similar buff (added Phys against bleeding enemies) and is fairly crazy too. And Vaal double and normal double being on the same gem now helps a ton with gem management. However, clear wise, it still felt a bit lagging behind even with slayer and ancestral call, which is why I incorporate Reave into the build as our clear instead, which melts the entire screen with increase area of effect gem. Now you can just run this build as a 6-link Reave + 4-link VDS, or you can do two gem swaps to Vaal double strike for full 6-link VDS deeps against the important bosses like shaper/guardians. And since we’re Slayer, even if you gem for single target only, you still get some splash to handle ads.


Slayer – Impact > Endless Hunger > Brutal Fervour > Headsma


Soul Of Arakaali+Abberath
Gear Enchantments
Helm – Double Strike has a 15% chance to deal double damage
Boots – Corrupt for +1 Frenzy / 12-16% increased Attack and Cast Speed if you’ve Killed Recently
Gloves – Corrupt for +1 frenzy or crit chance / ehh idk, any non-elemental enchantment


For leveling go down left lane in Tree to get Razor’s Edge and Blade master as soon as possible, the bleed chance will help. the proceed to the right of the tree to get vaal pact and crit nodes. Again for the tree use the PoB Link right under the cover image of this post.


Minor Gem explanations:
CWDT – Summon Ice Golem in tomb fist. cwdt removes the need to constantly summon it. lv16 to both gems.
Leap Slam – Faster Attack – Blood Magic – Fortify = Gain fortify for dmg reduction. Blood magic allows you to spam it since you want to move fast without worrying about running out of mana. You might think BM goes against Damage on Full Life gem, it does, however by the time you leap slam into a pack of mons, you’ll leech back your missing life lost instantly and be at full life in time for your reave/double strike to gain the gems dmg bonus.

Likewise, with Blood Rage, we supposedly lose a life, but if you attack a bunch of mobs, due to the overleech from Slayer’s Brutal Fervour, we go to full life and stay at full life, out leeching the degen of blood rage. I’ve check the tooltip to make sure and I’m basically counted at full life even with leap slam and blood rage active for most of the time. The only time it drops a bit is long stretches of no mobs. Blood rage provides attack speed, frenzy charges, and even 2% life leech, so it’s a perfect fit for the build.

Need to get 3R/1G in starkonjha to use 4-link VDS, annoying to color.
Vulnerability = 30% chance to bleed @ 20/20
Razor’s Edge nodes provide 25% chance
Dragoon = 20% chance
So you’ll have 75% chance to bleed with a dragoon sword, 55 without. Since you’ll mostly be using Reave, you can run bloodlust for VDS in 4-link for more dmg for your clones.


Here’s a Waterways Run with Enfeeble+Double Boss as a Demonstration:


Pob Link:https://pastebin.com/nyNx4CVb
Skill Tree:https://tinyurl.com/yawexue7

Generally, they’re not worth the trouble for reasons that happen to be adequate within the lengthy run. Even though they’re useful for players who might know absolutely nothing regarding the game. For one of the most aspect, they are learning tools for beginners to ease them in to the game. For much more Path of Exile 3.3 Builds, you’ll be able to take a look at U4gm.com. Just a reminder: you can get 5% coupon code for free in the reps if you Buy Poe Currency order from this article.

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Variations in between Battle Royale and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

Fortnite is definitely the living, action creating game working with Unreal Engine 4 from Epic Games. You and your friends will lead a group of Heroes to reclaim and rebuild a homeland which has been left empty by mysterious darkness only known as “The Storm”.

A band with each other online to build extravagant forts, come across or make insane weapons and traps and shield your towns in the strange Monsters that emerge during the Storm. In an action knowledge in the only organization smart adequate to attach chainsaws to guns, get around to push back the Storm and save the planet. And do not neglect to Loot all of the factors.

BATTLEGROUNDS is really a competitive survival shooter. Players are dropped into a wide, open area, and they will have to fight to the death – all when the battlefield shrinks, adding stress to all in its grip. Use a variety of interesting weapons and vehicles amid the BATTLEGROUNDS.

There are a handful of critical differences amongst Fortnite Battle Royale and PUBG. If you are coming towards the former in the latter, it is worth brushing up on them! You don’t need to get shot inside the back on the head although trying to climb inside an automobile that is going nowhere, soon after all…

1. Movement normally makes a lot more noise in Fortnite Battle Royale, so use this to your benefit when looking to detect other players – and maintain it down a bit oneself, eh? In case you suspect a player is out in open ground and also you have any way of hiding, get into position and maintain your ears open for their probable place.

2. Though you can crouch in Fortnite Battle Royale, you can not lie down and sneak your way to safety. That doesn’t imply you need to run around like a lunatic – crouching certainly does assist cut down your profile and enhance your aim – but be conscious that it really is quite a bit harder to sneak through terrain without becoming spotted.

three. In contrast to in PUBG, any bullets you fire leave a trace element which lets your enemy spot their path of origin much more quickly. This not surprisingly also assists you to pinpoint where a would-be assailant is attacking you from, which will help you seek refuge inside a better direction of travel!

4. We’ve alluded to this in our introduction to this section, but we’ll remind you once more that you just cannot – presently no less than – make use of vehicles in Fortnite Battle Royale. Or at least, you can not drive them and flee to security – it is possible to absolutely make use of them as environmental cover, and you’re encouraged to perform so inside a firefight.

five. Despite the fact that no-one in their ideal mind wants to spend any far more time than is required in the restrictive storm, you have a lot more generous window of opportunity to acquire out of it. As we’ve already described elsewhere in this guide, quite a few players actually use the storm perimeter as a method, following it inwards because it collapses and selecting off targets in the edge.

6. Even though you could absolutely uncover better versions of weapons that you just currently have equipped, there are actually no actual attachment upgrades to become found. This tends to make it a bit easier to quickly spot a pure upgrade (see the section on weapon rarity for extra detail), even though limits customization in the same time.

7. Probably the biggest distinction between the two – it is possible to build stuff. Duels involving opponents typically encompass extra than shooting one another from behind cover and winners are determined by fast, intelligent building.

eight. In PUBG you can go into iron sights with every single weapon. Fortnite only permits you to aim from the hip with every weapon except snipers and scoped assault rifles.

9. The map in Fortnite is at the moment far more compact than those found in PUBG. There are various points of interest crammed into a smaller space, meaning matches are typically more quickly and more frenetic regardless of where you land. Never anticipate running for long stretches without the need of bumping into a person!

10. PUBG’s inventory is fairly complex any time you place it side by side with Fortnite’s. In PUBG you have definitely got to manage your weaponry, attachments and a lot of other goodies. You carry a tonne of gear in your backpack and micro-manage what you happen to be currently making use of throughout each and every match by occasionally dipping your hands in. Fortnite simplifies the looting practical experience so choices boil down to what weapons and meds you desire in certain slots.

Commonly, they are not worth the trouble for motives which are adequate in the extended run. Even though they’re beneficial for players who may possibly know nothing at all regarding the game. For probably the most component, they may be understanding tools for novices to ease them into the game. For far more Fortnite Tips And Guides, you are able to take a look at U4GM.com. Just a reminder: you can get 5% coupon code at no cost from the reps should you Get Fortnite Items or Weapons from this short article.

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PoE 3.3 Top-Best Build for Witch

The Poe Witch is Path of Exile’s pure intelligence class, creating her an unmatched master of your elemental and dark arts. Within this Post, U4gm will share PoE 3.3 Top-Rate Build for Witch with Ascendancy classes: Necromancer, Elementalist, Occultist.

[Poe 3.3 Necromancer Build] Low cost Working with zombies as meat shields Classic Beginner friendly Necromancer Build

The build is best for individuals hunting to get a regular summoner that’s affordable, fantastic at the clearing, beginner friendly, easy to level as well as a higher league starter. It offers a smooth encounter throughout the game till ~t15 maps, guardians are doable but call for appropriate mechanics and gear in your component, the build is excellent for farming currency early and swapping to a high spending budget summoner later in the league if you need to Farm bosses.

The build focuses on making use of zombies as meat shields and summons raging spirits to compliment the zombies to clear maps speedy and efficient. I make an effort to prevent making use of highly-priced items and potential items/abilities that will most likely be nerfed(err The Baron?) so that the build will remain intact and be regularly updated for each and every patch.

+ Minions get 20% further movement speed
+ 30% improved the minion duration
+ 12 enhanced minion attack and cast speed if you/they have killed not too long ago
+ 30% minion life
+ 2 further zombies
+ Zombies’ Slam has 100% elevated AoE + Cooldown recovery speed
+ 30% elevated minion damage if you have utilized a minion skill not too long ago
+ 50% elevated convocation cooldown recovery speed
- we lose 15% attack and cast speed with flesh providing(now 50% effect)
- 15% chaos resistance
- 30% skill impact duration
- 10% minion damage
- 4% cast speed

Creator: dupe

PoB Hyperlink: https://pastebin.com/2PA6D66S

Skill Tree: https://goo.gl/GmQMuU

Instance Hyperlink: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1862209

[PoE 3.3 Necromancer Build] Low-cost, Clears Maps Promptly And Straightforward To Play Necromancer Build By Trini celebration

Do You Like to Laugh At Enemies? Do You Like to Laugh At Them For the reason that They may be Going So Slow That you Possess the Time to Laugh At Them? Do You Prefer to Make Enemies So Slow Which you can Run Beside Them And Whisper Imply Items To Them As They Run Towards Your Old Position At An Embarrassing Slow Speed? Then This can be The Build For you! In the event you Do not Prefer to Make, Enemies Really feel Poorly Ahead of You Kill Them Then You Should Try This Build So You Study To Prefer to Make Enemies Really feel Poorly Just before You Kill them.
This Guide Is Written Using a Concentrate On These New To Path Of Exile. For all those That Aren’t New, Thanks For your Patience With All the Added Bits. I’Ve Attempted To create This Layout Easy To Skip Towards the Essential Bits Should you Never Will need The Filler.

This build is simple to play. We run into the middle of a group of enemies and cast one particular skill (SRS) till everything is dead (or we’ve got to move ;-)). Everything else will likely be automatically thrown with our gem setup. We’ll have an aura to enhance our cold harm and one more skill that increases our defense. The build features a high life as I could squeeze out with the tree and as considerably life regen as was probable. The items I’ll encourage you to have been leading in armor so we’ll have as much physical damage reduction as you can with all the quantity of uniques we’ll be utilizing. In other words, we’re aiming to have our character as “tanky” as you can even though our minions are all damage and no defense. Check the Gem and Gear sections for far more

+ inexpensive (5 Poe Chaos Orb)
+ Excellent for new players. Straightforward to level, effortless to purchase, quick to afford, simply to survive, quick to kill, simple end game.
+ You only cast one skill. Everything else (except for flasks) is automatic.
+ It clears maps speedily.
+ Chills and slows every single enemy and boss. Fantastic for survivability.
+ Has fantastic DPS (17k per SRS) against the Shaper using a five-link and 23k with a six-link.
+ Can take and give excellent harm.
+ Reflect Damage does not have an effect on you at all.
+ You may run any map mod in endgame except a single. (You’ll need mana regen.)
- The only Con is the fact that it’s a minion build (meaning you do not select who you attack).

Creator: Trini party

PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/ZP4kmwx4

Skill Tree: https://goo.gl/KU7v3c

Example Link: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2094165

[PoE 3.3 Necromancer Build] boss kills, map clear, utilizing the Zealot’s Oath keystone to retain constant ES regen Build

This build is focused on basic mapping, sustaining a balance between survivability, boss kills, and overall map clear, utilizing the Zealot’s Oath keystone to help continuous ES regen. It aims to run all map mods devoid of any difficulties and with playing it for many on the league and reaching level one hundred, I’ve had zero difficulties with any particular mod, including degen primarily based ground mods and no regen. This build is very affordable to begin out with, and I will provide both a spending budget league starter option and also a far more costly endgame setup, with hyperlinks to Path of Building profiles.

+ Offers plenty of damage to allies by means of auras
+ Makes use of curses to help survivability
+ Extremely mobile
+ Continuous ES regen
+ Beginning build is quite budget friendly
+ Aurabots are quick to scale as we don’t ought to focus on damage nodes
+ Coruscating, doesn’t cease your ES recharge like it usually would
+ Does not need a 5 or 6l
+ Scales up to level 27 Anger, Wrath, and Hatred with full investment
Cons :
- Victario’s influence builds are flask reliant, and not possessing Flasks up can get you killed
- Precise flexibility options are certainly not possible with Zealots Oath
- No life regen, so a life flask is required to switch auras
- Max Aura levels are costly and not league starter friendly
- Victario’s influence isn’t an HC viable build
- Cannot Solo very easily

Creator: Alloxya

PoB Hyperlink: https://pastebin.com/z9aJbNsE

Skill Tree: www.poeurl.com/bLkS

Example Hyperlink: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2086136

[PoE 3.3 Occultist Build] Inexpensive Exceptional as heck Excels at capturing beasts Build

Warning, your general practitioner could possibly suggest not doing this build when you are addicted to clear speed or finish the game boss.
This Build was a hybrid with the existing whispering ice builds
1) whispering ice berserker, rest in peace
two) tri course whispering ice and
3) avatar of fire whispering ice
which could make use of the complete spectrum of Doedre’s skin.

+ Special as heck (such particular snowflake, a lot hipster, wow!)
+ Sorta low-cost “starter” (at present at a balanced 50c gear investment over time, with atramentous being 20 of these and six socketing Doedre’s skin + whispering ice will be the majority of the rest)
+ Exciting to watch the presently eight (up to 9-10) dancing curses on monsters heads
+ The pop from occultist “Curseplosions” is satisfying.
+ Slow and freeze anything but bosses to a full halt.
+ Lots of sustain layers on account of ES regen from slain enemies, warlords mark + Vaal pact, es recharge cannot be interrupted, ES gained on hit (with Watcher’s eye)
+ LVLing course of action was a brand new experience (being ES focused in the begin and whispering ice from level 33)
+ Fantastic for party play of any size*
+ Will not advantage from 5-6 hyperlinks.
+ Along with the quite greatest excels at capturing beasts :D
- Bosses have 60-80% less curse effectiveness (Can their regions also have 60-80% much less aura effectiveness as well then GGG? #butthurt #salty)
- Bosses with no add to call for the writhing jar to proc Malediction.
- two Button action build (Doedre’s effigy + ice storm)
- Middle of the road DPS can go higher depending on buff uptime. Detailed explanation in spoiler tags.

Creator: the scalpel

PoB Hyperlink: https://pastebin.com/yaTjPu16

Skill Tree: http://poeurl.com/bOQK

Example Hyperlink: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2103126

[PoE 3.3 Occultist Build] Sanzai’s Low Life RF/SR Dual(Tri)-Curse Occultist

The third curse is coming from Witchfire Brew, as Author not positive how this interacts any time you have two blasphemy curses up I went with the +1 curse node. This Build could be capable to devote the SP there elsewhere.

This Build Author has been a massive fan of Witch, primarily Occultist, ever since This Build Author has started playing but in no way actually got around to playing 1 because the ascendancy was really underwhelming. Great thing 3.3 came around and gave us some sweet buffs.

This will likely be a short post for now, and it’ll undergo some huge changes when my character is funded nicely sufficient in fact to attempt the build out together with the intended gear. The author will post the PoB down under and can add a video with presently equipped speed on prime.

Creator: Sanzaii

PoB Hyperlink: https://pastebin.com/3xh5rydg

Skill Tree: http://poeurl.com/bOlx

Example Hyperlink: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2099869

[PoE 3.3 Elementalist Build] Shaper, Uber Atziri – 5 Flavors of Golems

The initial post will contain pure golem builds. The second will contain golem/other summons hybrid builds, plus the third post will contain other summoning Builds altogether. I will hyperlink to each build around the very first post, although.

Life and thoughts more than matter is my suggestion for certain. We can probably drop 1-2 jewels as well in favor of additional life as a result of all the no-cost damage we get in the ascendancy now.
Note that it’s a very rough draft, I have not checked any calculations on what gems to make use of, and so forth.
With seven golems I wonder if it really is most effective to add one more help golem rather than adding a different fire golem

Creator: Allana

PoB Hyperlink: https://pastebin.com/je2fHB2s

Skill Tree: https://goo.gl/983Bbz

Instance Link: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1828990


Usually, they may be not worth the difficulty for causes which are adequate inside the extended run. Whilst they may be beneficial for players who may know nothing about the game. For essentially the most element, they may be learning tools for newbies to ease them in to the game. For additional Path of exile 3.3 Builds, you are able to visit U4GM.com. Just a reminder: you can get 5% coupon code free of charge in the reps for those who Purchase Poe Currency order from this article.
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The Top PoE Guides for Helping out Life/es Hybrids in PoE

The biggest disadvantage of running hybrid is the fact that it is difficult to regenerate both pools at once. There are a few reasons why. If you need poe orbs cheap in game, you can choose u4gm.com sale cheap poe currency.

life hybrids

First, ES pool and Life pool are separate. This means that regen/leech maxes are calculated separately for both. On a hybrid pool, it may be easier to reach 7k EHP with 4k ES and 3k life. Second, gearing requirements become increasingly steep because you want Life, max ES and % ES on gear. This isn’t particularly easy to gear for because you’re looking for a more specific set of affixes.

Third, this ties into the first, is that you want a method to regenerate both ES and Life. The easiest way is to use ZO / Ghost Reaver to regenerate ES and flasks to regenerate Life. Fourth, this ties into both reasons 1 and 3, is that ES takes damage before Life. This is a big deal because it means that whatever you gear for Life regeneration is largely going to be wasted because ES is always going to take damage before Life. Fifth, is Chaos Damage. Because your life pool is split across ES and Life, you have a lower effective health pool against chaos damage.

The primary advantage of going hybrid is the larger amount of EHP available to your character; however, this isn’t exactly unique to hybrids since a MoM-based character that invests in both mana and life nodes will get comparable benefits with none of the disadvantages of the hybrid character.

Your solution addresses problems 3 and 4, allowing a hybrid character to easily gain access to Life + ES leech at the same time, and allowing characters to leech ES when necessary and Life otherwise. But it still misses the main problem of hybrid characters which is a lower amount of regeneration due to it being split across two different “health” pools.

In fact, having a lower amount of regeneration is a really big deal for hybrid characters, because regeneration accounts for a significant part of survivability and defense. The advantages gained for going hybrid are not worth the disadvantages, especiailly with MoM being the way it is.

To be honest, I feel like the Full Life / Not Full Life toggling effect you are proposing, and which already exists on Soul Tether is not a perfect solution because it doesn’t account for the fact that % regen or leech is weaker due to splitting your EHP totals across two different pools.

I think the simplest solution is to expand the pool of affixes for hybrid characters to incentivize building them:

  • Gain X% of unreserved Health as Energy Shield
  • Gain X% of Energy Shield as maximum Life
  • Gain X% of Life regeneration as Energy Shield Regeneration
  • X% of damage taken bypasses Energy Shield (solves problem 4)
  • Life recovery applies to Energy Shield at X% of original amount
  • Energy shield recovery applies to Life at X% of original amount
  • Regenerate X% of Energy Shield per second taken from Life
  • Gain <Something> per 10 Energy Shield or Life, depending on which is lower (basically Cyclopian Coil, but for ES / Life instead of Attributes)
  • That being said, it is entirely possible to build hybrid characters using Occultist or Trickster, but their viability is extremely limited and niche.
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Do You Know Which Class To Play with Least Active Buffs – Maplestory

Buffs Maplestory

I heard Shade has the least amount of buffs? What about Cadena? I don’t want to play a class where I constantly have to keep activating a buff to keep the buff on me as it gets kind of annoying when I can just continue attacking.

Buffs Maplestory

The “problem” with Shade past 200 is the 5th job skills along with pretty much every other character.

Before 200, or better, 200 and no 5th job, you have the following:

  • Maple Warrior (14 min)
  • Heroic Memories (60 sec | 120 CD)
  • Spirit Bond Max (Past 200 20 sec [I think] + how many livers you are picking up, which can make this skill last infinite amount of time | 120 CD)

Past 200 with 5th Job:

  • Maple Warrior
  • Heroic Memories
  • Spirit Bond Max
  • Sprit Flow (First 5th Job Skill, max level means 55 sec | 120 CD)
  • Spirit Gate (Summon, 40s | 95 CD on max level)
  • Loaded Dice (180s | 180 CD)
  • Overdrive (30s | 65 CD on max level)
  • Freuds Wisdom (30s | 25 CD for first 5 stacks, after 6th stack 30s duration and 240s CD [The first 2 skill parts are useless)
  • Note that this list doesn’t even include Decent skills. Decents that are useful for

Shade are:

  • Decent Sharp Eyes
  • Decent Speed Infusion
  • Decent Haste
  • Decent Advanced Blessing
  • Decent Combar Orders

Ms4mesos.com as one of the most professional online store which glad to share more Maplestory News and Maplestory mesos cheap with instant delivery.

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What I Think Is Unique About PoE

New players in Path of Exile, and I think it is excellent, at least in my opinion. The build diversity of this game is staggering. No two characters are going to be exactly the same. The skill tree is fun and makes intuitive sense when you learn how to navigate it. Here is what I think is unique about PoE.

1. Flask system

At first these were hard to remember and handle, and I didn’t quite get it. Seemed a lot of trouble to go through for some life and mana regen. Then as I encountered more diversity of flasks I realised I had to readjust my thinking. It’s a whole separate ability bar, they’re just all buffs. After that I understand and utilize them much better. I’m still working on using them consistently, but I’m getting there.

Path of Exile

2. The Labyrinth and Ascendency system

Hey, EA, this is how you give someone a sense of pride and accomplishment in a video game! Really great way to finish a character. And the fact that you not only need to be strong but also good at your micro adds an extra level.

Leagues and Races. Great way to keep people engaged. I love that leagues have mechanical themes that then get incorporated into standard. Basically a strictly more interesting version of D3 seasons.

3. Maps. Oh my gawd maps

This is a dream of an end game. I feel like you will never run out of things to do. You feel real progression working across the Atlas. The diversity of the maps and their modifiers keeps you so much more engaged. And I’m only starting to learn about the Shaper and the Elder and all the things still to come. I’m sorry D3, but you can keep your endless rift grinds on a tiny map pool. This is what will keep me playing PoE indefinitely.

4. Prophecies, master crafting, the Pantheon, the Beastiary

There are all these interesting adjunct systems that you can take advantage of (or not) to refine your build and add some play diversity. They take an introduction to work out how to use, but they all add value. In fact, I often keep an eye on poe currency buy.

5. My overall opinion: diversity is king

There is so much to do in this game. There are so many ways to make a character. Hell, there are so many ways to make the SAME character, with different support gems, unique choices, skill tree pathings, etc. I like D3 a lot, but there just isn’t a whole lot to do in there that you haven’t already done a thousand times.

6. The trade off is learning curve

I felt the need to research hard before starting. And I still plan and research constantly during my builds. I’m discovering new mechanics all the time to take into consideration. It is a daunting task, but it is not as daunting as I feared. There is so much third party content out there, wikis, youtube tutorials, build guides, trade portals, path of building, everything! The community is active and friendly and really really into the game.

And honestly, if you’re complaining that this game doesn’t have enough diversity, you probably need to take your nose out of the leaderboards and look around at every other competing game in this gen.

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How was the Speed of Champion in Maps – Path of Exile

I was going to be playing with one other player for a majority. He was going to go Ascendant support. I would level with sunder and he would level with FB totems. We would both swap when we could get the wanding gear and regrets to respec – should be around the time we got to somewhere between blood aqueducts leveling or T3 maps.

Flashback SC in poe

Day One – A Stroke of Luck
Leveling was going pretty smoothly for a two man group considering that I had to do most of the damage to carry my support through the acts just because of how totems compare to sunder. Around the middle of Act V we dropped an exalt from a unique arcanist box which we immediately traded for a Tabula. We then dropped another exalt in act 7 and got another unique arcanist box which dropped yet another exalt. In act 8 we found a thief’s torment from cadiro and we managed to scrounge up the 1.2k coins to buy it. Then while leveling in blood aqueducts we dropped a fourth exalt from a breach. All of these where traded for the first Piscators that appeared on the market.

Day Two – More luck
While progressing the atlas we spawned an Abyssal Depths in what I think was a T5 map and we spawned a Lich AND it dropped a Shroud of the Lightless the first one on the server. It was around this time I decided I would start streaming for my own enjoyment.

Almost an hour later while working towards getting our initial shaper orbs and pushing the atlas more farming T9′s we dropped a soul taker from a breach . At this point I wasnt sure which chest I should use wanting to be tanky and not having a need for a 6 link I commented on how a Kaom’s would be pretty good and at the time they where 80c and our soultaker high rolled so we sold that off for a Kaom’s .

Day Three – Hunting Heads
With our luck and knowledge of early economy we pushed hard to try to take advantage of our early lead and finish out our Doctor set before exalts got too expensive thus making the cards more expensive. Through the strategy mentioned in the second day and the help from one of our friends that wasn’t racing but wanted to help with the selling so we could have less downtime from mapping. We managed to get the rest of the Doctor cards and get the headhunter.

Day Four – Progression and Perseverance
We spent a good amount of time getting our atlas setup for shaped waste pool with an elder ring. We had a pretty good elder spawn on Snaps atlas so setting up the ring only took one hour.

We had been awake for about 13 hours and snap put in a reflect map that I killed myself too at level 95 and then again after I leveled to 96. Unfortunate but up until this point he had been rolling the maps correctly, its bound to happen and I hold nothing against him.

Day Five – Level 99 and Beachheads
More grinding and more pushing mindlessly for hours with our new group we were getting really good xp at our levels so i was pretty happy with the new group and they were all pretty good guys. Nobody being weird about loot splitting or how the group was setup and all good players. I could not complain.

Unfortunately sometime during the day the The_Speed’s computer had, had enough. After crashing multiple times I want to think not really being able to handle Headhunter. Multiple deaths later he decided that he was done and that he didn’t want to keep playing on his pc. He had the estuary setup though so we just had to change someone elses atlas for estuary and it was all good.

Day 6 – Level 100
Another few hours of grinding and running circles around belfry was all i would need to finish off my level 100. After finding a support to party with because mine was asleep at the time we ran belfry/waste pool’s for another 5 hours and I finished off my level 100. Also, a easy way for you to gain poe currency fast is to poe currency buy on U4GM. If you want to buy cheapest currency, just make sure to spare some time to join in our site.

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How To Effectively Gear up in Path of Exile

I am not too new to this game, but this is something that I have struggled with every time at the start of a new league. I am wanting to prepare myself as much as possible and expedite my leveling process for the new race league starting soon.



Depends really? You’re looking for any gear that gives in priority

  • Movement Speed (Boots only)
  • Life
  • Elemental Resistance
  • Physical Damage to Attacks or X with Spells
  • Armour / Evasion (Has way more effectiveness at low levels, you can use Wall of Brambles and be immune to physical damage until 60-70)
  • You’re aiming for 75% in all the elemental resists but the first acts don’t have that much elemental damage so you should be OK between 30-50% pre-Kitava because besides fire in Kaom’s Arena and cold in Daresso’s Arena there isn’t much.

After you take the 30% resist drop from Kitava in A5 and when you go into A6 the Tukohama Vanguard’s (Scorching Ray totems) do a lot of fire damage and your gear will probably be scuffed / bricked at this point, best thing to do is farm up before you do the Kitava fight so you don’t have to fight enemies with low resists and usually do Labyrinth before ascension, you have a lot of time to prepare from A6 onwards as you won’t get the other 30% dip until you beat A10 Kitava and most people will farm in Aqueducts / Desecrated Chambers until 68-70 then beat Cruel / Merc lab and then go into maps.

Early on you’re looking for any 4-link chest or helmet (white as well) and then using any found alchemy orbs to hopefully turn it rare with good suffixes/prefixes.

Should get a filter that turns off all non-rare equipment (no point picking up white or blue bases unless 4L but most filters like Neversink will have this anyway) https://www.u4gm.com/path-of-exile

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Do You Need Any Good 3 Player Group Guide In PoE Flashback League


In Path of Exile, if you would like to try group play for the upcoming flashback league with your friends, but none of you have any experience with group play.

Unlike poe currency purchase, should you then have one focused on AoE and one on bossing? Like a KB wander and a Molten Striker or BF or something? Is there better synergies that I’m not familiar with? If you want to have more overall concepts, I hope the following guide can help you.


The go-to Classic is Aura-Guardian, Curse-Champion/Occultist, and a DPS. Some cool off meta ideas:

1st Character is an ailment-bot

Elementalist with Yoke of Suffering (enemies take 5% more damage per ailment) maximizing shock effectiveness and chilling/igniting. Also wearing 2x Dyadus to apply a 200% more burning damage when you chill. Cool points if you can bleed/poison as well, for even more damage. This type of support will effectively give 3x damage to the below build.

2nd Character is all burning damage

Either RF, Scorching Ray, ignite, whatever. They will get 200% more burning from their Elementalist support, on top of whatever their Yoke provides. Since the above Elementalist is also shocking/chilling/etc, an Autobomber-type character would be easily sustainable to continue Herald of Thunder chains. Herald of Thunder + Stormfire could be pretty slick here. Also The Taming will be good due to all of the ailments.

3rd Character could be an Occultist

Providing really strong Flammability/Conductivity/Frostbite and Ele Weakness, whatever you want. As for DPS, they can use Flame Surge, since it will get 50% more damage against burning targets (everything burns). Everyone gets to contribute in this type of party rather than just 2 aura whores just standing there.

You will pose a tremendous challenge if you aren’t prepared, therefore, it is important for you to read the above article completely.

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PoE – How Would You Guys Best Utilize Kitava’s Thirst and Cane of Unravelling

The question of course is: how would you guys best utilize these two uniques? Kitava’s Thirst gives 30% chance to trigger socketed spell(s) every time I skill with mana cost >= 100, while the Cane provides a power charge for every 200 mana I use. Since the Cane provides easy access to power charges, I’d guess this build should get a lot of them and could also be a Cast on Crit build for even more spell-spam. As the build needs to stack a lot of mana and regen to keep going.

Cane of Unravelling

First ascendancy option that came to mind was Hierophant, but Sanctuary of Thought has massive mana cost reductions that would be counter-productive for this build. The second thought I had was Ascendant, going for Elementalist and Inquisitor for better Shock, Elemental Penetration and other boons.

For what it’s worth, I don’t expect this kind of build to be crazy good – I’d venture a guess that neither of the uniques are likely to be considered particularly good. That being said, I’m interested in getting as much mileage out of them as possible.

I like the way youre thinking here but would like to point out a few options to consider.

1) Zerphi’s Last Breath- a flask that grants life based on the mana you spend. If youre already spending a shit ton, this can help with sustain. This is especially good when paired with scolds bridle.

2) Scolds Bridle- it’s not kitava’s but it would allow you to puke spells out of literally every gem slot you have rather than just the 4 link in your helm. It causes you to take damage based on how much mana you spend. You can then put cast on damage taken + spells in every gem socket on your gear, making you a spell puking machine. This obviously isnt necessary but its something to consider.

3) Voidbringer- 40-80 percent increased mana cost of skills, huge amounts of increased spell crit, decent ES, and +1 level of socketed elemental gems.

If I were you, Id probably use these 4 items with a man spell in the pledge of hands. It doesnt really matter what spell it was so long as it could proc cwdt. That or id stick with your original plan of using kitavas and staff of unravelling, and have my main skill be a lightning warp or flame dash that costs as much as possible, then warp around the map, chugging spells out of your helm as you go.

So, any suggestions? For more poe tips and tricks, stay tuned to U4GM. You can choose www.u4gm.com where you can poe buy items cheap.

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