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Resistance intro

The Resistance is a group of rebel forces from Edelstein going against theBlack Wings. Their base is located under the city and is accessible via a pipe.


Edelstein is a quiet mining village. The people are prosperous, polite, and peaceful and have a knack for using technology – particularly robots. Indeed, Edelstein was such a calm place that neither Explorers nor the Cygnus Knights had been there in hundreds of years. Yet Edelstein has a dark secret. Edelstein is where the Black Mage was born. The town is now the home of the Black Wings, a secret cult dedicated to the resurrection of the Black Mage. They recently came out of hiding and took over Edelstein, oppressing the populace into silence while working hard to resurrect their foul master.

Class Bt0They succeeded.

The Big Bang was the day that the power of the Black Mage touched reality. For a brief instant all of existence…ceased to exist. When it returned, nothing was the same. Even as the citizens of Maple World explore their new reality, the Black Wings of Edelstein continue their dark work.

But the Black Wings’ arrogance may yet be their undoing. Deep in the hearts of the down-trodden populace, a flame sparks and the good people of Edelstein think the unthinkable.

They must resist.

The Resistance is the flame in the darkness. They are the rebellion against the Black Wings and they will free their town, no matter the cost. Using new magic and their natural skills, new heroes will join the legends of Maple World to battle the minions of the Black Mage. Hiding as ordinary Edelstein citizens by day, by night a growing legion will band together to overthrow the Black Wings.


The Citizen is the Beginner class for the Resistance. The Citizen must train and complete missions to become an official member of the Resistance.

The Resistance was formed in an underground base in Edelstein, a town occupied by the Black Wings. For now, the Resistance follows the orders of the Black Wings , but below the facade of good will, revenge burns, waiting to be unleashed on the Black Wings when the time is right.

As a Citizen, you will learn of the Resistance through various episodes that take place at Behind the Mine, Edelstein, Suspicious Laboratory, and other locations.

At level 10, you can a full-fledged member of the Resistance by talking to Headmaster Ferdi, and start down the path as a Battle Mage, Wild Hunter or Mechanic to drive the Black Wings from Edelstein!

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Maplestory ,Halloween Events

October 16 to November 5

It’s Halloween, and Maple World is full of creeps… Creep-tacular costumes, eerie-tastic events, and spook-ilicious treats, that is! Participate in a bucketful of events and gorge yourself on goodies, including chairs, mounts, consumables, equips, and buffs.

MapleStory Halloween Art

We have some special Halloween art for you! Show off your holiday spirit MapleStory style on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or your desktop. Click the images below to download the art.



A Fine, Fine Costume

Easiest event ever! Just talk to the Maple Admin to get a free Halloween costume! A heavenly angel, a paper box, a cow, and more… What will YOU be?



Witch Malady’s Secret Mission

Help Witch Malady whip up her creepy food concoctions by collecting ingredients from the Frogs and Black Cats sneaking into major towns, as well as various ingredients from monsters around Maple World.



Olivia’s Haunted Mansion

Return Olivia to her family by battling maniacal monsters inside her Haunted House!



Prank or Treat

What are monsters doing with so much Halloween Candy?! Dropping them for YOU, it seems! Collect Halloween Candy from monsters around your level and exchange them for Halloween Surprise Boxes. Inside these boxes, you’ll find anything from recovery items and seasonal equips to Witch’s Broomstick mounts and Pumpkin Chairs!



Maple Action Hero!

Want to be a Halloween hero? Then click the invitation zooming over your head to move to the event map! Complete the obstacle race within 5 minutes to get a Dance Lord Gift Box. Possible rewards include recovery items, scrolls, chair bags, title bags, and Phantom or Aria mount coupons. Don’t worry if you don’t make the 5-minute limit, players who lose the race still get a Halloween Surprise Box just for participating.



Cassandra, Lord of Candy

If you hoard all the candy to yourself, you’ll rot your teeth, so be generous and pass out Boo Buddy Candy to your friends instead. For every 5 times you give candy, you’ll get a Candy Keeper Box, which could contain recovery items, scrolls, candy, or Halloween Buff coupons. If your friends give candy to you, you can use it to get buffs!



Halloween Dance Lord

Don the Halloween costume that the Maple Admin gave you, and then click the invitation over your head to participate in the Mega Creamy Ghost Expedition! Eliminate Mega Creamy Ghost, the boss monster in Maple Castle, within the time limit to get a Halloween Dance Coupon, a Dance Lord Gift Box, and some Boo Buddy Candy!



Masked Insanity

Collect Halloween Mask Fragments by participating in the other Halloween events. When you’ve got enough, double-click on them to get a Venezia Dream accessory!



Halloween has invaded the Cash Shop, too! Check out these haunted goodies available starting October 16.

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Instructions on Creating a Guild in “MapleStory”

MapleStory is a side-scrolling massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) released in 2003. Players get to travel through ‘Maple World,’ defeat monsters, and develop their skills. What makes MapleStory different from a standard RPG game is the ability to chat, trade, and form collaborative guilds. To create a guild in Maplestory, follow the steps listed.
       1 Complete quests and defeat monsters to gain experience and level up. You cannot create a guild until you are at least level 10, so in the meantime you should explore ‘Maple World,’ build experience, make friends, and save up as many mesos as possible.
    2  Create a party. Once you’ve reached level 10, you’ll need to recruit 5 other people into a party of 6. Then you’ll need to designate a time for all of you to meet up beside Heracle in Orbis, because a guild cannot be created unless all party members are present.
  3 Speak to Heracle and pay the 1,500,000 mesos guild registration Runescape Gold fee. By now, you should have saved up quite a bit of mesos. However, if you don’t have enough, then don’t be afraid to ask your party members to chip in.
     4  Expand your guild by up to 24 more players by inviting your friends to join. You can do this by placing your cursor over your friend, right clicking and hitting guild invite; by clicking the ‘invite’ button on the guild menu and typing in your friend’s ID; or by typing ‘/inviteguild FRIEND-ID’ into the text box.
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MapleStory mesos quest

You can obtain lots of find by means of quests and make your do it yourself potent inside the process. Through quests you are on the way to be travelling inside the world of mapleStory mesos and find many sorts of males and ladies from distinctive places. By completing every solo quest you will obtain some find and maplestory mesos, and so are on the way to be much more potent than before.Some in the quests are easy to complete, regardless of the fact that other people need a considerable amount of ranges and abilities.

There are also quests that take place to be designated for just about any particular job, and other people that take place to be designated for just about any particular level.Quests are classified in ranges from one to 10 centered on their level of difficulty. ordinarily the higher the level in the quest, the a great offer better the reward as well as the quantity of EXP factors gains and MapleStory Mesos mesos.

Other than defeating monsters to create your do it yourself stronger, you can choose to operate on quests to gain a decent amount of EXP by completing a quest. You will also gain maplestory mesos and uncommon objects along the way.There are various quests that are on the way to be unavailable in circumstance you lose the probability to undertake it. So make an effort to communicate to as very numerous NPCs as feasible through your trip to hold benefit of as very numerous maplestory cheap mesos quests as possible.

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[Complete] Game Update – October 15, 2013!

[Complete] The game update is complete as of 1:20 PM Pacific. Cash items in your inventory have been extended 24 hours due to the extended downtime. If you experience a HackShielf error after patching, please us the latest HackShield manual patch.

[Update] The maintenance has been extended. Please check back for updates.

We will be performing a scheduled game update beginning on October 15, 2013. It will last approximately 5 hours.

Thanks for your patience!


Pacific: 11 PM Tuesday, October 15 – 4 AM Wednesday, October 16, 2013
Eastern: 2 AM – 7 AM Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What will be unavailable:

  • All MapleStory game servers.


Changes and Updates:

  • MapleStory will be updated to v142. Please check back later for the update notes!
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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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