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The Detailed Analysis of FUT Most Popular Formations

As we all know, In FIFA 15, there are 25 formations in total. Which one is your favorite? And today we will show you the most popular 6 formations.

TOP 1:4222
Two CDM allow you not to worry about the opponents’ counterattack. You can make a long ranged shot with 2 CM. Pick up one of the CM with high speed. This formation can be said “total football”, 6 players for defense and 6 players for attacking. There is a leveling feeling about the player collocation. The tactic of every location varies from person to person, such as two CDM, a MM and a MH.


TOP 2:41212(2)
It is quite similar to the line-up 4321, but there is a CDM in this formation, which will make the defense more stable. Two CM will make an opportunity for shooting. Pick one of CM with high shooting speed. Every location has a player. Therefore, this is an balanced team.

fifa formation

TOP 3:4231
It is an arrow-shaped formation. Most players are concentrated on the midfield. The defense is quite strong with two CDM. As for attacks, there are 3 CAM and a ST. The distance between players is quite similar to the ball-passing way of Barca.


TOP 4:433(4)
It is a very strong offensive team, because it has two CM and no CDM. In this line-up, each player will occupy a relative large space. It will bring wiggle room for the players who have excellent Skill Moves. This formation is quite fit for faster attacking. The disadvantage is no CDM. Therefore, I suggest that you can place a CDM on the CM.

fifa 15

Top 5:352
The two benefits of this formation are that you can have two CDM. The location in front you want can be met by utilizing CDM and CM. Although it is not easy to play on the wing, 352 is a almighty formation and every location has player to defend. Furthermore, in the midfield, there are a lot of players gathering here. If the opponents want to attack your team in the midfield, it will become quite hard. If you take HH as your winger, your defense will be enhanced. The only shortcoming is that the three backs will be helpless when they confront with through balls.

fifa 15

Top 6: 4321
This formation is quite strong due to its good offensive capability and perfect midfield controlling capability. The 6 players in the front can be the attacking part. In them, LF, RF can be taken as the strikers, but the defense of 4321 is quite weak. If you want to chase back in the midway, it will be quite difficult. Generally speaking, a drop pass will make the opposite striker confronting the back in your side.

fifa formation

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The FUT 15 Perfect Series A Squad

The Series A is the highest level of professional soccer league in the world. In the 1980s and 1990s, the star-studded Series A has many strength team, which was once recognized as the NO.1 football league in the world, known as the “Mini World Cup”. In the FIFA 15 UT, we can gather the powerful players in a squad which comes from the different league. While, how can we build a perfect Series A Squad in FUT? Now, let’s have a try!

fifa suqad

Formation: 3-4-1-2
Centre Forward:Tévez(85)、Higuaín(84)
Attacking Midfielder: Vidal(85)
Midfield: Gervinho(81)、 Pogba(83)、Pirlo(84)、Cuadrado(83)
Defender: Vidic(83)、Chiellini(84)、Barzagli(83)

Tévez can play as striker and attacking midfielder. He also represented the Argentina Olympic team join the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, helping the team won the champion as well as won the tournament top scorer with eight goals. His dribbling and controlling technology are extremely well, outstanding balanced capacity are most similar with the Maradona. In FIFA 15, physical fitness is particularly important, he is a very strong striker.

fifa 15 player

Higuaín is one of Argentina football player who has French nationality, positioning in striker, winger, who played for Real Madrid and other clubs, now playing for Serie A Napoli Football Club and the Argentine national team. He is a quick forward play running off the ball, always appear in the correct position in front of goal. The sensitive positional sense brings a lot of opportunities, if you can grasp these opportunities, you will be able to beat his opponent easily.

fifa 15

Since Vidal joined Juventus is rapidly becoming the main players and help the team win three successive championships in 2012,2013,2014 season. Fast speed, jumping well, accurate passing and excellent shooting can make up for this weakness, we can control him play a lot of good assistance!

fifa 15 guide

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Trading method for people who don’t have a ton of coins

Hey everyone! This was going to be a comment reply within the Market Advice thread but its so long that I figured it would be good to make it its own post. This is a method I have used since the beginning of FUT that has worked out pretty well for me thus far in 15. Here goes!

fifa 15 player

Research a few different players, preferably someone you can afford to have 20-30 of (without financially crippling you–unless you dont need the coins for anything) at any given time:
1) Find their lowest BIN using
2) At what price point to people seem to be bidding at? For example–Muntari (Serie A CDM) – his lowest BIN on psn is 750, and if you do a search for him on the transfer market, it seems like most people (or bots) are bidding between 600-650. If there is some wiggle room between the bidding point and lowest BIN, this could be a good option for mass bidding. If not, you might have to try a different player.
3) Conduct a new search using MAX PRICE (not max BIN) at the price point you discovered in point 2. If you get a lot of results, go ahead and mass bid on the results at the price point from point 2. Bidding at this price will ensure the other person/people mass bidding don’t just outbid you–sometimes they will anyways but that might just mean you have to raise your bid price a tiny bit. Most of the time though, if you can lock in a bid at the price they are also bidding at, it will discourage them from bidding on that particular player all together. If you find that you are being outbid before you can enter your bid, try advancing a page or two–there might be someone bidding at the same time.
4) The more you bid on, the more you will win. List the players you win a little above lowest BIN–use your own discretion. If my player is 1k or less, I want to be making at least 100-200 coins profit on them. At the 5k range maybe 500-600 coins profit, and so on and so on. Do not fall under the impression that people only buy at lowest BIN. There are tons of lazy players who will not put the effort into searching for the lowest price and that is where YOU capitalize. This is where having 20-30 listed at the same time comes to your advantage–you are able to bump up the price a bit and gain what traders refer to as “page dominance” – meaning the players you have listed will span multiple pages of search results. So for Muntari, I would try to win bids between 600-650, and list for between 800-850.
5) As players sell, continually replenish with new ones to keep the profit flowing.

Things to remember:

  •  Check the market prices daily and adjust accordingly
  •  To absolutely minimize your risk, search for players you can win around discard price.
  •  If you ever need to liquidize these players or if they dont seem to be selling as well as you would like (this method does require a bit of patience) you can always sell at lowest BIN for a minimal, if not zero, loss since you initially bought below market price
  •  If you have about 30 listed, hopefully you will be able to sell at least 3-5 per cycle–YMMV though. Like I said, patience is key. Don’t be too greedy or else your sell rate will decrease tremendously.
  •  The more popular the player, the more quickly he will sell. The trick is finding a player that is popular enough to sell consistently, but not TOO popular to the point that people are constantly outbidding you before you can make a bid.
  •  This is just one method of getting a continuous flow of profit going. Once you build up a more substantial amount of coins, you can try to combine it with other methods such as IF trading and what not.
  •  Let me know if this makes sense or if you have any questions I’m more than happy to help!

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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Guide :Defending Master

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Guide :Defending Master

In FIFA 14, the defending system changed very drastically and although it has not changed as much this year, it has definitely gotten just a bit more difficult. With acceleration and pace becoming significantly more effective on attack, it is simply more difficult to defend. However, this guide will go over some key points which will help you defend much more efficiently.

Tackling Manually
Auto-Tackling has become much less effective in FIFA 15. In previous versions of the game, your player would automatically stick a foot out if an opponent was dribbling close past. Although this still happens occasionally in FIFA 15, it happens FAR less frequently. In order to counter these changes, you’ll need to be ready to hit the tackle button yourself. This doesn’t mean that you should spam the tackle button, but just be aware that you will need to manually initiate a tackle a lot more often in order to stop speedy runs. Also understand that this is something that will come naturally with a bit more practice, so you will undoubtedly get better as you play more FIFA 15.

You should focus more on containing your opponent and ensuring he doesn’t get too close to your penalty box than sprinting as fast as you can to get to him and steal the ball handily, as that is unlikely in FIFA 15. If you jockey the players with the ball and stay with them, they will probably dribble into another defender or take a touch that allows you to take the ball from them. If you pressure well, you’ll probably also be able to take advantage of lots of poor passes. You can sort of push into your opponent as you contain him and try to shove him off the ball (controls depend on your console/system) which is another thing to focus on.

The most important thing about containing is that your focus should be on deterring movement of your opponent, but also to prevent the shot. In FIFA 15, shots can be devastating if they are not blocked. So, if you really want to defend well you must learn to contain with the intention of cutting off shots.

On Formations
Lots of formations in FIFA 15 involve a central defensive midfielder. With fast breaks being incredibly effective in this game, it is very important for you to have a big, preferrably fast CDM that can break up attacks before they get to the heart of your defense. At that point, they will have reached full speed and it is significantly more difficult to stop them. I feel that a single CDM is more effective than two men staying back as with two you will notice a big gap between them that can be exploited. Another tip we’ve received is to change your CDM’s attacking setting: Go to Team Management > Instructions, and select your CDM. Change his “Attacking Support” to “Always stay back while attacking.”

Pass Anticipation
In conjunction with containing your opponent, trying to anticipate the passes your opponent will make is probably the most useful skill you can perfect in this game, or at least in the defending part of it. FIFA 15, like other recent versions of FIFA, is very passing focused. For many players, their entire game revolves around a solid passing game. Effective defending involves considering all of the passing options and lanes available for your opponent and closing off the most dangerous of them. It sounds like a lot, but just keep it in mind when you’re trying to get used to the new game and it should become second nature. You will also want to try to “figure out” your opponent and get a good idea of what he’s going to do. Most players seem to do the same thing in every situation, so try to watch for these patterns and take advantage when you notice them again.

General Tips
1)Use the right stick to change players faster
2)Maintain a goal-side advantage over your opponents
3)Be wary of skill moves
4)Be riskier with tackles when a counter-attack is possible
5)Be ready to switch players quick and move one back for cover, especially against fast teams
6)Recognize skillful players and isolate them whenever possible
7)Be patient!

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All Details of First FIFA 15 Patch

The first patch contents for FIFA 15 are now known.

Title update number 1 is available now for PC users and is expected soon for those of us on Xbox One or PS4. No mention of Xbox 360 or PS3 in the post regarding this patch. It features the return of the latency indicator, as well as some PC only fixes. Here’s the full list:

• Added the latency indicator to FIFA 15 Ultimate Team so fans can view health of connection before entering an online match.
• Improved set-piece cameras in Online Seasons for Guest players.
• Corrected home crowds in Match Day Live matches.
• Fixed occurrences where the player would be unable to progress at the end of a FUT match due to the post-match menus not appearing.
• Fix to hospitality upgrades in Career Mode and Pro Clubs.
• Addressed exploit where players could infinitely switch kick-takers on set-pieces
• Fixed occurrence where changes to the Subs and/or Reserves are not brought into Season matches
• Fixed issue where non-user controlled players run to the kick-off circle at the start of a match. (PC Only)
• Fixed occurrences where players couldn’t progress through the Virtual Pro creation. (PC only)


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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Tips & Tricks:Earn Gold Coins For Faster & Best Players(I)

fifa 15 images

Fifa 15 fever is increasing rapidly among football fans since its release.Check out the following guide,Using this guide you will be able to build your very own Ultimate Team which will be powerful and have great chemistry with the players. Furthermore, we take a look at how you can earn gold coins faster and some of the top rated players in dribbling, kick taking, defense and more.

Furthermore you will also be able to learn about ultimate team packs, how you can celebrate, perform skill moves and a video guide for some of the trophies and achievements. And finally, we take a look at some of the hidden gems, legends and potential young players that you can have in your team. The game is now available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One and PC. The game is published by EA Sports and developed by EA Canada.

Building a powerful Ultimate Team with a powerful Chemistry: 
One of the key elements in developing a powerful team is chemistry between the players. This can be achieved by placing players in their preferred position or getting a manager who has the same nationality as the player. Players bought via the Transfer Market would need to play at least 10 matches before they become loyal to the team. Once the players are loyal they will receive a chemistry boost.

The other way to build the perfect team is to utilize Transfer Market effectively. You can sell or buy any items for your squad. This is an effective way to get rid of items that you may no longer need.

Friendly Season:
 In this year’s iteration players can play against their friends instead of someone you don’t know.
Team of the Week: Every week, the game will showcase the best Ultimate of the week. What’s more? You can also challenge them. Team of the week items are available by chance when opening team packs.

Earning Gold Coins Faster And Packs: Let us get the obvious out of the way. You need to play as many matches as you can and win most of them. Challenge your friends in Friendly Seasons mode or play Offline and Online Seasons to earn coins. This will surely net you a lot of coins. Furthermore, you can also transfer your FIFA Points between Xbox 360 and Xbox One or between PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. So if you have cross gen versions, this will help you gain coins for whatever versions you want to play on. 

New Legends:
 FIFA 15 features new legendary players that you can bring into your ultimate team. The new players includes Franco Baresi, Franz Beckenbauer, Laurent Blanc, Andreas Brehme, Roberto Carlos, Brian Laudrup, Michael Laudrup, Roy Keane, Bobby Moore, Jay-Jay Okocha, Butrague?o Santos, Peter Schmeichel, Alan Shearer, Hristo Stoichkov and Carlos Valderrrama.

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Guide to Smooth FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Journey

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is one of the most popular iterations launched by EA Sports, which has attracted much attention of soccer gamers in an exhilarating way. Particularly for newbie, knowing how to get used to the game can be challengeable. This article is aimed to show you a strategy for your smooth ultimate team journey.


Create your team
You need to have good knowledge of the team that you would like to create before you begin funding it and really build it up. It is much more fulfilling to play for your team which you spend much time to set up, and also you are able to arrange a team which you will really enjoy playing for as long as you consider it in advance.

Focus on your chemistry, too. It makes sense that a team with better chemistry compete better than a team with less planning chemistry. As far as I’m concerned, I realize playing with teams which has excellent chemistry both entertaining and effective.

Earning money
Ultimate Team has centered on earning coins all the time; you need money to buy card packs, consumables and players. The most common method is “Buy low, sell high”. There are also tons of ways to make coins such as playing tournaments and seasons, bronze pack method and silver pack method and even gold pack method and so on. You can choose to learn and use them with patience.

At present, it comes to the fun section: really playing with your team you have funded. Build up your strengths through playing with the method which complements them. Possess lots of talented passers on your midfield. Try your best to keep the ball centrally. Then get it towards the players in distribution to your forwards. It seems to be quite easy, but only when you arrange your team ahead of time.

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How your manage your team in FIFA 15

The new Team Management setup, as well as looking very pretty is broken down in to five key sections. Squad, Formation, Roles, Instructions and Tactics which we’ll talk you through below, detailing all the new options and features you’ll be able to utilise in FIFA 15.



This screen allows you to control your team selection, subs and reserves but as you can see it has a brand new look for FIFA 15. Gone are the tedious vertical lists, and in their place a dynamic view of your team (including player faces) which allows you to quickly switch players and make minor tweaks to their base positioning. To change a player position you simply hover over the player and press X (Xbox) then, you move the analogue stick, that’s it.

You can also use this screen to compare players and pressing Y (Xbox) will bring up a list of the best available substitutes for you to choose from. It’s an incredibly slick and simple interface and having real player faces adds a welcome layer of familiarity. Player fatigue is shown by the green bar beneath each player and when players gain, or lose form white directional arrows appear to indicate their level of form either positive or negative.



This is where you choose your formation, but again instead of lists, it’s a very quick, and very visual grid layout for you to choose from. There are plenty of pre-set options here to choose from but custom tweaks can be made to individual positioning by going back to the squad tab and moving your chosen player. Having a clear visual representation of each formation is the major benefit here and you should have your ideal formation applied in no time at all.



The Roles screen allows you to set your team captain and set piece takers. Individual options are available for penalties, left corner, right corner, short free kicks and long free kicks. To get a better idea of who to choose for each role you can hover over a player and pressing A (Xbox) will launch an overlay which shows their key stats relating to the specific Role you’ve just selected. Handy.



Now this is where it gets very interesting because you can now control individual player behaviour on the pitch, to a level never seen before in FIFA. The table below details all the options which can be chosen, and which positions they become active for. Some positions like CAM, may have multiple instructions you can apply, allowing you to control that players on-pitch behaviour down to the finest of detail. The best thing about this is that settings changes have a really clear and profound effect on the pitch. So lots of trial and error will be needed.



The Tactics tab you will recognise because it’s basically the same as in FIFA 14 in terms of options and layout. But a number of pre-set tactics are available for your to choose from called Counter Attack, High Pressure, Possession, and Long Ball. Selecting one these options will allow you to view the individual settings applied underneath, but if none of these are take your fancy you can choose Custom and build your own.

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Golden Tips for “FIFA” for PS3

The “Fifa” line of soccer video games, including the PS3 version, tries to replicate the technical skills and playing arenas of professional soccer players. Game players have to know how to use the PS3 controls to make the virtual players show those skills when defending, shooting or dribbling.


Press and hold the “L2″ button and move the left stick in the direction you wish to move to cause your defender to “jockey” the attacking player. Jockeying is when the defender strafes from left to right in front of the attacker. Use this technique when the attacker is moving at a slow pace. When the attacker is moving at a fast pace, press and hold the “L2″ and “R2″ buttons while moving the left stick to perform a running jockey.

Jockey Press
Press and hold the “L2″ and “X” buttons to jockey in front of the attacking player. Release the “L2″ button to attempt a “jockey press” and steal the ball.

Secondary Press
Press and hold the “Circle” button to call a “secondary press.” This will call a teammate over to the ball possessor for added pressure and to increase the chance of stealing the ball.

Skilled Dribble
When in possession of the ball, press and hold “L2″ and “R2″ and move the left stick in the direction you wish to move to perform a “skilled dribble.” Use this technique to get the ball past defenders.

First Touch
Press the right stick in the desired direction immediately after trapping the ball to perform a “first touch” and kick the ball immediately in that direction.

Knock On
Press the right stick in the desired direction to perform a “knock on.” This will cause your player to kick the ball ahead and avoid being tied up by multiple dribbles. This is also used to kick the ball around approaching defenders.

Press the hold the “R2″ button without touching the left stick to shield the ball. Use this technique to protect the ball and buy time while your teammates get into position.

Hard Stop
Press the “L1″ button to perform a hard stop. This will cause your player to stop abruptly and give you a chance to gain full control over the ball.

Finesse Shot
Press and hold the “R1″ button and shoot the ball with the right stick. This will cause the player to kick with the inside or outside of his foot. This results in a shot with less power, but better control.

Chip Shot
Press and hold the “L1″ button and shoot the ball with the right stick. This will cause the player to kick the ball in a high arcl. Use this technique when the keeper is outside of his line to chip the ball over his head.

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EA Sports Football Talent Scout Wants Your Help

Of course that strap line is a little tongue in cheek as they are asking for free help for some positions, but EA Sports Talent Scout, the link between your brain and the FIFA database, is currently looking for help in two positions.

The unpaid position is “Football Analyst” and your job will be to review and edit players and teams, with the aim of making in game ratings as authentic/true to life as possible. If you’re already a data reviewer, you don’t need to re-apply.

The paid position is for photo editors, so if you’re the nips with photoshop this could be for you, “This is a contracted position with financial compensation, suitable for someone with advanced photo editing skills and suitable proven experience.”

Both positions will put you under NDA. If you’re interested in either position you can apply on the  EA Sports Football Talent Scout site.

ea fifa hero

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