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Maplestory Mesos Level 100 Making Guide

You don’t allegation to be at a cool top level, you don’t allegation any absolute starting capital, you don’t even absolutely allegation actual abundant time at all and you can calmly arbor up hundreds of millions of mesos VERY quickly!

First off, if you hit akin 100 you accretion admission to the Evo Lab.

In the Evo Lab you will aces up accouter bead orbs from the mobs (or you can buy them from the acerb box npc).

Then you just blaze up Link 3, use an accouter bead orb (lv 120 Necros are the best ones) forth with whatever orbs you like and go to boondocks on those bad boys!

This angel has been resized to fit in the page. Bang to enlarge.

It will not yield actual continued to arbor up a accomplished band of goodies, even after a spider accustomed or acquisitiveness chaplet or whatever abroad you like.

Now you go to Ardentmill in approach 1 and you attending for this amethyst aromatic pot:

The annular one is for equips, the triangular one is for scrolls.

In Windia Kyle’s is the accepted about accessible accouter extractor. And me or anyone abroad generally does the annal extractor (the one in the screenshot is in fact anyone new). Sometimes these don’t absolutely amount annihilation to use, sometimes they allegation a abstinent fee. In accepted you should never pay added than 1,000 mesos to use an accouter extractor and never added than 10k to 100k for a annal extractor. The annal extractors commonly amount added because you allegation 20 above crystals to accomplish one (and they alone endure a day).

Okay, so you bifold bang on the big aromatic pot and you’ll get that chic chat box area you can bandy an accouter into it and afresh let ‘er rip!

Once you’ve rinsed and afresh for your 5 circadian Evo Lab runs you can advertise these suckers! They sell… FAST!

Superior Crystals can be awash appropriate quick at about 600k (in Windia) and the Advanced Crystals can be awash for about 30k (again in Windia). Your breadth may alter depending on your apple so attending about and try and acquisition what the approved prices are. Keep in apperception too that the added humans apprentice about this the added the prices will drop. A ages ago the amount of superiors in Windia was 900k on average.

Crystals are acclimated abundantly for authoritative things and in about-face leveling up jobs so they are in connected and around-the-clock demand. On boilerplate you should be able to arbor up about FIFTY Above Crystals which can afresh be awash for about TWENTY FIVE MILLION MESOS!


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Maplestory Basics guide for players


While training is often long and tedious, it pays off in the long run if you can stick to it, because the higher your level, the more there is to do. Want to become good at MapleStory? All it takes practice and a few helpful tips.
1.When you aboriginal alpha MapleStory mesos, you are accustomed the advantage to accept the job you want. The jobs currently accessible are Explorers, Cygnus Knights and the Resistance. Dual Blades, Cannoneers, all 5 Heroes (Aran, Evan, Mercedes, Phantom and Luminous), the Nova (Kaiser and Angelic Buster), the Sengoku Classes Kanna and Hayato (JMS and KMS only), and Demon Slayers are aswell available, but are bound time classes. Korean players accept admission to two classes; Xenon, a Thief/Pirate amalgam and Demon Avenger, a aftereffect of the Demon Slayer.

2 .Find a adequate abode to train. A adequate abode has a lot of monsters that are at atomic 3 – 5 levels beneath you. If your akin is beneath 10, there will not be any monsters with low abundant levels, so just alternation on snails and mushrooms on Maple Island. Due to the contempo patches on the game, new, tougher monsters accept apparent up on Maple Island. If you wish to be a Warrior, you may wish to alternation on them.

3.Familiarize yourself with your character. It will yield some balloon and absurdity to ascertain your character’s advance range, jumping height, etc. Once you become accustomed with the basics, try to apprentice added avant-garde tricks, such as how to contrivance a monster that is block you by axis about and jumping at the aforementioned time.

4 .Customize your controls. You use the abrasion and keyboard to cross MapleStory. While the absence keys may be acceptable, you ability be able to advance your bold by alteration them. A adequate keyboard blueprint optimizes all of your skills.

Movement abilities (ex. Flash Jump) should be put at the X key. This is because it’s abutting to ALT, which is the amplitude bar. You don’t charge the Sit button for MapleStory.

Put your capital advance accomplishment on the amplitude bar. Also, put added abilities you use on the lower allotment of your keyboard.

5.Join or alpha a guild. To alpha a brotherhood you will charge 100k mesos, and you’ll accept to allocution to the brotherhood NPC (Non Playable Characters) (found in towns). If you actualize a guild, you become the brotherhood adept or leader. Again you may allure others, etc. You can aswell aces a logo of sorts, and deliver altered titles to members. Membership in a brotherhood helps you accomplish friends, who you can again calmly acquisition and contact. Accompany can advice you with questions you may accept or can go on quests with you. Plus, hey, it’s adequate to accept friends.

6.Try accomplishing some quests, as they sometimes accord you good, attenuate items. Even admitting quests generally accord you little experience, they are a adequate breach from training all day long.

7.Understand the Hidden Abeyant system. Sometimes if a monster drops equipment, the accessories may accept a red border. You can go to a abundance and buy accumulative glasses. Use the bottle on the accessories to get the potential. If you don’t like the potential, you can use Miracle Cube and change the stats. If you’re lucky, your item’s abeyant may advancement to the next tier. You may get chargeless Miracle cubes from Hot Time or buy them in aggregate in the Cash Shop.

8.Try application Nebulites (GMS). If you alternation in top collapsed places, monsters may bead a box with a accessory on it. Go to the USE area and bang on the box to acknowledge the Nebulite. You can go to a boondocks and pay an NPC to assignment a aperture in your equipment, so you can attach the Nebulite to your equipment.

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MaplestoryGuide: Useful Method Make Money Without Playing



In the game of MapleStory, there are a lot of methods allows you to have nice time, you can play the game to get more Mesos, here are some useful tips to help you Make  Maplestory Mesos Without Playing.

Method 1 of 8: Using a Pet

1.Acquire about 15k NX banknote by affairs it or accomplishing a analysis or some offers.

2.Buy a pet in the banknote shop, as able-bodied as a mesos magnet, annual pouch, active boots, binoculars, and scales (each pet annual active about 1.8k NX).

3.Go to any active hunting areas in approach 1.

4.Find a acceptable belvedere after any monsters area you can get as abundant mesos as you can after dying.

5.Leave your appearance there and actuate your pet. It will go on the belvedere and aggregate items added users get from monsters.

6.Leave Maple Story active for 2-5 hours.

After advancing aback from school, alive up, or annihilation else, your appearance will acquire acquired a appropriate bulk of mesos and items to advertise to your bounded NPC.

Method 2 of 8: Selling Attenuate Equips or Scrolls

1.Get about 10k NX and buy some of the a lot of capital items from MTS and a Hired Merchant or a Abundance admittance from the Banknote Shop.

2.Set up your abundance in Approach 2 or 3.

3.Sell a few of your added attenuate equips or scrolls for a reasonable price. A annal for gloves for advance 60% can advertise up to 10 million.

Method 3 of 8: Killing the Sakura Cellions (Level 40+)

1.Go to Amoria and annihilate the sakura cellions. They leave about 300-500 mesos a cellion!

2.You can aswell annihilate leprechauns in Crimsonwood Keep. They bead up to 2k (4k on 2x bead events). They aswell acquire a adventitious to bead Green Bandanas, Steelys, Esther Shields, and Lollipops.

Method 4 of 8: Selling Bathrobes

1.Get a a boutique (any kind)

2.Go to Showa Town,and again go into the bathroom allowance for 300 mesos.

3.Buy as abounding Bathrobes for Male/Female as you can for 30k per robe.

4.Go acquisition a atom in the FM and advertise for 189k (or college if you annal the bathrobes) each.

5.This footfall is optional, but you can annal them for 350k by affairs Overall for DEX 100% for 35k. You can buy those scrolls from the annal agent in Kerning City swamp.

(This works because humans mistaken them as the absolute bathroom robes)

Method 5 of 8: Selling Holiday Items

1.Train on holidays, like Christmas, or Maple Anniversaries. Aggregate the appropriate items like bastard snowpieces; or maple leaves.

2.Sell the items on chargeless market. Bastard snowpieces sometimes advertise for 20k anniversary you and if you aggregate 300, you get 6 million.

Method 6 of 8: Accepting a Lucky Gift

1.Sometimes if you avenue MapleStory, the Maple Admin will accord you a gift. If she gives you the Scissors of Karma, acquire it.

2.Use it commonly on an annual you wish to be acclimated on. Zakum Hats works best on it, abnormally if you are accepting rid of it.

Method 7 of 8: Accomplishing the Fallen Woods Quest

1.Do the Fallen Woods Quest by accepting 25 Phantom Seeds. You will acquire admission to Icicles, All Cures, Scrolls to NLC, and Diamond Arrows that you can advertise for up to 50x it’s value.

Method 8 of 8: Using MapleStory Adventures

1.When Nexon holds an accident accompanying to MapleStory Adventures (ex. cantankerous promotion), assurance up for MapleStory Adventures.

2.There should be a brand accompanying to the event. Connect your Nexon annual with your Facebook account. Make abiding you acquire a capital character.

3.Play MapleStory Adventures as normal.

4.The next day, you will get a agenda from the Maple Admin. The agenda gives you acquaintance and mesos.

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The Expansion of MapleStory Crimsonwood

Maplestory mesos

Nexon America Inc. unveils one of the better expansions in the history of MapleStory, abacus to the abstemious of Masteria and carrying a absolutely new gaming acquaintance to one of the a lot of admired amateur in North America, with over 5.9 actor players.

The “Crimsonwood Keep” amplification delivers a abundance of new agreeable including 31 new maps, 11 different enemies, 12 extensive, story-focused quests and a accumulating of new weapons and altar maplestory mesos. The amend will aswell accord pets an added accomplishment and advance the user interface with accent clarify updates and added platforming features.

MapleStory mesos has amassed over 87 million users worldwide by creating a fantastical online world. One of the most popular places in the MapleWorld is the continent of Masteria. Here players will get a chance to explore the expanded Phantom Forest, which is filled with leprechauns, wraiths, the Headless Horseman and a new boss monster, Bigfoot.

Players who navigate their way through the forest will reach the Crimsonwood Mountain, featuring numerous new enemies and challenging platform-style game play.
MapleStory’s popularity has also led to the opening of a new server-Yellonde. To celebrate the new opening, Nexon will award the top 75 ranked players across the first month with prizes!

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How to Find People and get mesos in “MapleStory”?

“MapleStory” players with endless of mesos (the in bold currency) generally accomplish assorted characters so that they can do massive amounts of accident with the accessories that their earlier characters accept funded. Depending on the blazon of the new character, accouterment the funds for abundant weapons and armor can be abnormally difficult, but there are lots of methods to authoritative in “MapleStory mesos.”


Selling Fame

You can acclaim or de-fame any amateur already every 24 hours. There are abounding rumors amphibian about about what acclaim contributes to the game, including a college anticipation of accepting acceptable drops if killing monsters. This makes acclaim abnormally valuable. You can advertise your acclaim anywhere about “MapleStory,” but lots of players army in the Chargeless Market, and abounding are searching to acquirement fame.

Making Plan Gloves

Work gloves are accepted because of their accessibility and bargain cost. Abounding high-level players acquirement plan gloves to annal them for advance damage. In fact, the plan cuff bazaar is so alive that they can be awash for as abundant as 500,000 mesos each. You can acreage covering by killing pigs at Pig Beach and catechumen them into plan gloves in Kerning City.

Selling Scrolls
There are a wide variety of scrolls in “MapleStory,” and most of them are valuable, especially scrolls that improve glove attack damage, those that raise shoe attack damage, luck scrolls and dexterity scrolls. The cheapest scrolls can be sold for 10,000 mesos, while the most expensive scrolls can go for hundreds of millions of mesos. These scrolls can be found by killing monsters and bosses around “MapleStory.”

Playing the Market
Buying items for inexpensive prices and reselling them for a profit can bring hefty profits. Work gloves and scrolls are commonly purchased at cheap prices, which range depending on the server, and resold at higher prices. Players using this technique often roam around the free market looking at booths for great deals, and then setting up a booth of their own or shouting out in the Free Market to get them sold.


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Transferring Maplestory Mesos to Another Player’s Character

Maplestory Mesos

Mesos are a blazon of bill in “MapleStory.” Players can use Mesos alone to buy items and accessories from non-player characters in the towns or to use the assorted agency of busline in the game. To acquirement annihilation from the Cash Shop, players have to use the NX currency, which they have to buy with absolute apple money. A appearance assets MapleStory Mesos from killing monsters, and players can alteration them to addition character.

Maplestory Mesos
Start “MapleStory” and log in to your account. Select the world and channel in which you want to play. The two characters you want to transfer Mesos between have to be in the same world and channel.

Select the character that has the Mesos you want to transfer to another player’s character.
Travel to an area on which both you and the player with the character you want to give Mesos to have agreed. Pick an area that doesn’t have monsters that can interfere while you are transferring.

Stand in front of the other character, and press “I” on your keyboard to open your inventory.

Click the small “Meso” button on the bottom left of your inventory screen. Type the amount of Mesos you want to transfer in the input box, and click “OK.” Your character will drop the Mesos on the ground in front of you.

Wait until the other character has picked up the Mesos you have dropped. They will then become his. If you want to transfer more Mesos, click on the “Meso” button in your inventory again and drop another amount.

Transferring Mesos to Another Character of Your Own

Start “MapleStory” and log in to your account. Select the world and channel in which you want to play. The characters you want to transfer between must be in the same world, but the channel does not matter.

Select the character that has the Mesos you want to transfer to your other character.
Travel to any of the towns that have a storage keeper. Speak to the storage keeper to automatically open your inventory.

Click the small “Meso” button on the bottom left of your inventory, and type in the amount of Mesos you want to transfer. Click “OK” and then click “Exit.”

Press “Escape” and then select “Quit Game.” Enter your login details again, and this time select the character to whom you want to transfer Mesos.

Travel to the town with the storage keeper who is holding the Mesos from your other character. Speak to him and click the small “Meso” button on the storage keeper’s inventory. Type in the amount of Mesos you want to transfer to your character, and then click “OK.”

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